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About this site

The Princess Máxima Center has a new website. On this new site we want to involve you even more and inform you about developments in our center and in our field. We think that it is important to tell you about what we are occupied with and what we are doing in all areas. Therefore you not only find information about all practical matters and the facilities in our center, but also a lot of substantive information.

Our aim is to present a clear, structured site based on the pillars of our organization: care, research, training and donations. In this way you can find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

You can find information about the most commonly occurring conditions on the care pages. You will also find a photo of all the children's oncologists, medical nurses, pedagogical and social workers together with a short description of their experience and activities in their field.

You will see that the research pages automatically open in English. This is a conscious choice since many of our top researchers come from abroad. Of course, the information is also available in Dutch. Incidentally, the entire website is largely bilingual.

Our Academy is the training and education branch of our organization. You will find an explanation of our internationally recognized training courses together with the ambitions and the opportunities presented by the Academy. You can also find information about our Outreach program.

Your support is indispensable for our center. That is why we not only think it is important to inform you about all the possibilities that the Princess Máxima Center Foundation offers you. We also consider it important to be transparent about the funds we receive.

Is the website now ready? No, on the contrary: it has only just begun. The basis is there and as from today the site will be continuously improved and enriched with regard to content. From clinical pictures to research results. At the same time, we recognize that it shall be necessary to improve things. You can help us with this: we appreciate your feedback. Send your views to nieuwewebsite@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl

We have exercised a great deal of care with the production and publication of the photos used. Parental consent has been requested for all photos. Should you nevertheless see a photo that raises questions, we would like to hear from you.

Finally. Without the dedication of many people this new website would not have come about. From our clinical directors to the client council and from the researchers to the VOKK. Special thanks go to Jetta Boogaard (designer Bitfactory) and Erika van Wijk (production/editorial).

On behalf of all those who have contributed to this site,

Hans Snijder

Director of Media Relations and Fundraising