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The mission of the Princess Máxima Center can count on a great deal of support and support. For many years now, private individuals, foundations and companies across the country have been working in various ways to support children with cancer. This is heartwarming and more than welcome.

KiKa, Villa Joep, Roparun, KWF Kankerbestrijding; the financial contributions of these parties alone are of indispensable value to the Princess Máxima Center. The collaboration with the Utrecht UMC is also very important. However, the numerous private initiatives are also invaluable. All these contributions mean that alongside our research activities, we can realize special facilities for children and parents. It is precisely those facilities that we use to try and let 'normal' life continue as much as possible and provide support to children and their parents.

KiKa, Villa Joep and KWF Kankerbestrijding are important financiers of our research. The health insurers finance the care that we offer to the children. UMC Utrecht is our partner with whom we share knowledge and expertise; if we need an OR or ICU, for example, we use the facilities in the WKZ. That is why we, together with the UMCU/WKZ, we have built the connecting bridge between the Princess Máxima Center and the WKZ.

A large number of research programs are financed by KiKa. However, Kika's support has also been indispensable with regard to the new building. Thanks in part to the fantastic result of Kika's 'Draag je steentje bij" [Do your bit] campaign in 2013, it was possible to finance the new building.


In addition to supporting many funds, KiKa's contribution is an indispensable foundation for our pediatric oncology research. KiKa has supported the realization of one national children's oncology center of international excellence from the start. Besides money for research programs, KiKa has realized part of the capacity for the new building of the center. It has also raised money for the furnishing and equipment for the research in the new building. In the coming years, KiKa and the Princess Máxima Center will also be important collaboration partners for even better and more research into childhood cancer.

Princess Máxima Center Foundation

The Princess Máxima Center Foundation facilitates fundraising from private individuals, funds and companies in order to provide facilities that fall outside the regular care coverage. These services are crucial for the well-being of the child and the family during the lengthy process of treatment and admission and in the post-recovery period.