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Taking a place in society

The Prinses Máxima Center makes every effort to ensure that children and their families continue to lead as 'normal' a life as possible as part of society. As an organization, we also want to be at the heart of that society. We do that by being open to all children, parents, our relations and stakeholders and giving them insight into everything we do and being in constant dialogue with them. We also want to take a responsible and sustainable approach to resources and the environment, Corporate Social Responsibility in all aspects.

The Princess Máxima Center also wants to be the best when it comes to sustainability. This ambition is in line with our ambitions concerning developmental care, scientific research, training and education and with our social ambitions. This sustainability relates to the entire chain in which we carry out our work and relates to contributing to care that is future-proof. Sustainability is part of the concept of 'corporate social responsibility' (CSR), an important starting point for the Princess Máxima Center.

In every business decision, we therefore weigh up the various social and economic effects. We take stakeholder interests into account; after all, every business decision affects the center's stakeholders. These can be patients or employees, but also, for example, local residents, suppliers, investors and last but not least, society in general. We therefore view CSR as an integral approach that is not only focused on the sustainable management of the Princess Máxima Center, but also on sustainable care in the interest of children and society.