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Princess Máxima Center in the Media

Media regularly publish news items and articles about our center. You can find them on this page.
  • In January 2021 a life-sized replica of the Rembrandt painting, The Night Watch, was exhibited in the central hall of the Máxima Center. Several media outlets such as Algemeen Dagblad and De Gelderlander reported this special event.
  • Jeroen Pauw visited the Máxima Center with his late night talkshow 'Pauw komt binnen'. Children, parents and doctors took a seat at the table. They talked about the impact of pediatric oncology on the lives of children. And how to deal with it as a parent and a doctor. You can watch it here
  • Bas Smit was invited together with Rob Pieters in the TV programme 'Op1' to talk about the big fundraising campaign that Bas Smit launched to raise money for the Princess Máxima Center. You can watch it here.
  • News channel 'NOS Jeugdjournaal' interviewd Bas Smit about his fundraising campaign. You can watch it here.
  • RTL Nieuws published an article about Bas Smits fundraising campaign. Read it here.
  • Watch the Dutch TV show  ‘Nederland staat op tegen kanker’ (Holland in action against cancer) with a live interview from the Princess Máxima Center Máxima with dr. Dannis van Vuurden
  • In the radioprogramme 'Wetenschap Vandaag' (Science Today) of BNR Newsradio, you can listen to an item with Esther Hulleman, researcher of rare tumors. Listen through this link (interview is in Dutch)
  • Podcast 'KoffieCo'  in Dutch: (medical professionals and students) with Rob Pieters, about the emergence of the Máxima its capabilities. 
  • In the radioprogramme 'Wetenschap Vandaag' (Science Today) of BNR Newsradio: item with Mirjam van den Brink about the first findings of a research project of the Tissing Group with 30 children about the loss of sense of smell and taste. Listen through this link (interview is in Dutch).
  • In 'De Nieuws BV', a radio programme on NPO Radio 1, one of the very first board members and now head research at the research department of the Princess Máxima Center prof. dr. Hans Clevers shares a story about the scientific research that changed his life.
  • Every week on BNR-News Radio, Harmke Pijpers interviews a ‘care innovator’ for the column ‘BETTER’. This time, she interviewed pediatric oncologist Dr. József Zsiros about the new combination treatment for lymphoma, consisting of chemotherapy and monoclonal antibody therapy.
  • Nurse specialist Kim Kamphuis is originally from Tubbergen in the province Twente. Regional broadcaster RTV Oost interviewed her about her profession in the Princess Máxima Center.
  • Prof. dr. Hans Clevers and dr. Ruben van Boxtel explained their recent findings in  De Wereld Draait Door. Investigation of a scar in the DNA revealed the mechanism by which a common gut bacterium increases the chance to get cancer. Preventive measures might be a solution. 
  • The NPO series ‘Hallo, ik heb kanker’ (‘Hello, I have cancer’) follows four teenagers with cancer, Catherine, Daimon, Rachel and Julian. They provide a candid portrait of living with the disease. NPO, ‘Hallo, ik heb kanker’ February 2020.
  • Since last year, the Prinses Máxima Center has been using a medication robot in its pharmacy. The robot has helped ease the workload of nurses and pharmacy assistants. As a result, nurses are able to spend more time on patient care. AD, Verpleegkundigen hebben meer tijd voor kinderen door medicijnrobots (Nurses have more time for children thanks to medicine robots), 16 February 2020.
  • You can hear Rob Pieters being interviewed by Radio 1 for World Child Cancer Day about the treatment of pediatric cancer at the Prinses Máxima Center. And Iris, who is fighting leukemia for the second time, talks about all she has been through with the help of her kanjerketting (a chain with beads representing significant moments in the child’s journey). Radio 1, 15 February 2020.
  • Floor, undergoing treatment at the Máxima: ‘’Door Micah vergeet ik de chemo.’’ (Micah helps me forget the chemo). Children at the Máxima like the new robot dinosaur. They can look after it like a pet and it helps distract and support them during treatments. Sam Sam, 12 February 2020. 
  • To mark World Children’s Cancer Day 2020, EO Visie spoke to Sabine Plasschaert about her work as a pediatric oncologist at the Prinses Máxima Center. Pediatric Oncologist Sabine Plasschaert: Kinderoncoloog Sabine Plasschaert: ‘Het is geen droeve boel hier’. (The atmosphere here isn’t sad.) EO Visie, February 2019. 
  • Patients, former patients and their family members who appeared on the TV show ‘Hallo, ik heb kanker’ tell their stories. EO Visie made a special edition for World Children’s Cancer Day.
    Waar droom je van als je leven op z’n kop staat? (What do you dream of when your life has been turned upside down?)
    Hallo, mijn broertje heeft kanker (Hello, my little brother has cancer)
    EO Visie, February 2019. 
  •  Queen Máxima visited the Prinses Máxima Center on 3 December. She spoke to Diana Monissen (chair of the board of directors), doctors, parents and the children themselves. RTV Utrecht, 3 December 2019, Queen Máxima visits Princess Máxima Center.
  • Rob Pieters and Chantal Bles were guests on the late night show BEAU. Chantal and Robert Doornbos’ daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two. They talk about the role of the Prinses Máxima Center during that time. RTL 4, 11 November 2019.
  • An interview with pediatric oncologist Erna Michiels. She is one of three pediatric oncologists in the Child Comfort Team Utrecht. The team provides palliative care to children with life-threatening or life-shortening conditions in the hospital. Pallium, “My work as a pediatric oncologist is very rewarding.” November 2019.
  • The first tumor-agnostic therapy was recently approved by the European Union. The medicine larotrectinib (Vitrakvi) is effective in the treatment of adults and pediatric patients with solid tumors which show a neurotrophic tyrosin receptor kinase (NTRK)-gene fusion. The targeted approach to treating cancer provides new possibilities in addition to the existing treatment, says pediatric oncologist Hans Merks in Elsevier Weekblad (Dutch).     
  • In July 2019, medical director Rob Pieters and nurse Arno Deege were guests on Jinek to talk about the documentary series ‘Helden van het Máxima’ (‘Heroes of the Máxima’). NPO Start, Jinek, 9 July 2019.
  • Het Financieele Dagblad - The Executive Board of the Prinses Máxima Center: Hans Clevers, Diana Monissen and Rob Pieters talk about how the Prinses Máxima Center is doing a year after the opening. Succes Máxima Centrum werkt als een magneet op geldschieters (Success of the Máxima Center acts as a magnet for donors), 14 June 2019.
  • For the three-part AVROTROS series 'Heroes of the Máxima', documentary maker Paul Rigter followed a number of employees on the job and behind the scenes at the Princess Máxima Center for a year.
  • Chantal Janzen spent a day with the nurses at the Princess Máxima Center for her program 'Chantal Komt Werken' (Chantal Comes to Work) (Thursday May 2, 8:30 pm, RTL 4). May 2, 2019, Chantal Komt Werken.
  • For a special King's Day broadcast, Zapplive (KRO-NCRV) came to the Máxima to throw a party with and for the children who cannot leave the Center on that day. April 27, 2019, Zapplive.
  • Eliane (11), who is undergoing treatment at the Princess Máxima Center, explained on the Jeugdjournaal (news program for young people) what impact the disease has on her. Pediatric oncologist Lieve Tytgat can also be heard during this broadcast on World Children's Cancer Day. February 15, 2019, Jeugdjournaal.
  • On February 15th, TV program EenVandaag devoted time to International Childhood Cancer Day by zooming in on the enormous impact of childhood cancer not only on the children themselves but on their entire family. February 15, 2019, EenVandaag.
  • Utrecht start-up company Single Cell Discoveries examines the DNA of each separate cell. Consequently, researcher Frank Holstege can study which tumor cells are or are not sensitive to treatment. Henk Westbroek was interested in hearing all about it. January 29, 2019, RTV Utrecht, Cell research that potentially can benefit many sick people.
    Watch the video with English subtitles.
  • With a new technique that causes tumor tissue to glow, surgeon and researcher Marc Wijnen strives to increase the chances of survival for children with neuroblastoma.
    December 17, 2018, EditieNL, New neuroblastoma treatment method: 'Higher survival rate for children'.
    December 13, 2018, RTV Utrecht, Substantial sum for childhood cancer research: "My mission is to make Joep's death less meaningless".
  • On October 6 and 7, the research floor of the Princess Máxima Center will open its doors for the Science Weekend. NEMO Kennislink took a sneak peek.
    September 25, 2018, NEMO Kennislink, Specific medicines for children with cancer.
    Read the article in English.
  • Kidsweek published a special supplement on the Princess Máxima Center. Patients, healthcare providers, researchers and also ambassador Dafne Schippers share their experiences,
  • On Friday, September 7th, Prof. Dr. Leontien Kremer gave her inaugural speech. She was appointed professor of evidence-based pediatrics. Medisch Contact, Skipr and Trouw dedicated time to her speech:
    September 7, 2018, Medical Contact, Creative networks necessary for evidence-based care for sick children.
    September 7, 2018, Skipr, Creative networks crucial for pediatrics.
    September 8, 2018, Trouw, Providing proper care is a difficult task without parental participation
  • The campaign initiated by Bas Smit and Rumag has produced a substantial sum for the Princess Máxima Center. By way of thanks to them and all those who participated, we made this video: https://youtu.be/EcC8pgRJaDQ.