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Collaboration between patients and care providers: what do you and your child have a right to?

When you come to the Princess Máxima Center, we will work with you to ensure that you receive the best care and treatment. If you call on the help of a care provider, a "medical treatment agreement" will be concluded with your child: you instruct us to care for your child. This can take the form of an examination, advice or treatment. The relationship between care provider and patient is regulated by the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (Dutch: Wet Geneeskundige Behandelingsovereenkomst, WGBO).

The WGBO contains the rights and obligations of patients. Important elements include the right to information and the right to give permission for treatment. This is known in English as 'informed consent' or: you give permission after you have been well informed. You and/or your child will decide together with the care provider what will happen. All hospitals and care providers are obliged to comply with the WGBO.

According to the law, you and your child have a right to: