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Social responsibility

At the Princess Máxima Center, we do our outmost to ensure that children with cancer and their families can continue their normal lives in society as much as possible. We also want our organization to participate fully in society. That means being open towards our young patients, their parents, our partners and other stakeholders, giving them insight into everything we do and having an ongoing dialogue with them. It also means dealing with resources and the environment responsibly and sustainably—Corporate Social Responsibility in all its dimensions.

The Princess Máxima Center’s drive to excel extends to sustainability. That ambition fits our goals regarding development-oriented care, scientific research, training and education, and social development. We look for sustainable solutions throughout our work chain, with the aim of promoting future-proof healthcare. Sustainability is an aspect of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR), which is an important principle for the Princess Máxima Center.

Every business decision we make is based on careful consideration of the potential social and economic effects. We also consider the interests of our stakeholders, as every business decision will have an impact on them. Besides patients or employees, these stakeholders may include the people living near our center, suppliers, investors and—last but not least—wider society. We therefore see CSR as an integrated approach that focuses not only on running the Princess Máxima Center in a sustainable way, but also on sustainable healthcare for the good of children and society.