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Prinses Máxima Centrum

22 July: possible traffic disruption from/to the Princess Máxima Center

On Wednesday 22 July, there may be traffic disruption or delay for everyone who visits the Princess Máxima Center. Due to the Farmers Protest at the RIVM in Bilthoven/De Bilt, the extra traffic may cause disruption. Parents and children, visitors and employees: be aware of the possibility of extra travel time, especially in the afternoon. Or, if possible, make use of public transport or your bike.
The Farmers Defence Force announced a protest on Wednesday July 22 where 3000 farmers will be protesting in Bilthoven. They will be arriving from all around the country and they’ve been asked to use the provincial roads to the Biltse Rading, this is the road towards De Bilt. This may cause traffic disruption for the access roads to the Utrecht Science Park and thus delay for parents and children, visitors and employees (mainly the late shifts and the way back). The protest will take place from 13:00 – 16:30.

The police strives to keep all the access roads open so that ambulances can always reach the Princess Máxima Center.