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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Change rates in the Princess Máxima Center parking garage

From July 18, the parking rates in the parking garage of the Princess Máxima Center will increase. The new rates do not apply to parents of children being treated at the Máxima Center - the rates will remain the same for them. From now on, parents at the day treatment and outpatient clinics can apply for a discount card at the central reception desk on the care floor. For the clinic nothing changes: weekly cards are available at the reception desk.

Why are the parking rates changing?

It regularly happens that parents do not have a place in the parking garage of the Máxima Center. The rates in the parking garage of the Máxima Center are now low compared to the UMC Utrecht and the WKZ. This makes it attractive for employees, suppliers and visitors to park with us. With this adjustment, we hope that this problem will no longer occur.

How does the discount card work?

Are you coming to the outpatient clinic or the day care center of the Máxima Center? Then you will receive a discount card from a doctor's assistant at the central desk on the healthcare level. For emergency admissions, or for admissions outside of regular opening hours, discount cards are available at the security desk. This paper discount card gives you a discount at the pay machine of the parking garage. At the pay machine, enter the discount card before entering the license plate. This is also explained on the discount card. Families at the clinic use, as before, the weekly card that is available at the reception desk in the central hall.

No new rules for visitors

There are no new rules for visitors. They can make use of the P+R Utrecht Science Park. This is also where the 2nd car of parents can be parked. Visitors will not receive a discount card.

Do you have any questions about this change? Please contact the Servicedesk via: servicedesk@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. Click here for more information about parking in the Máxima Center.