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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Dafne Schippers holds a running clinic for the children at the Princess Máxima Center

Exercise is important for everyone. Especially for children who are being treated for cancer. Exercise is necessary, it is good for the healing process. The illness, the treatment and the complications often make it difficult for children to move and exercise. They spend more time in bed, causing the muscles, the lungs and the heart to deteriorate. It is therefore very important to encourage and motivate children to keep exercising, in any way possible.

We are very pleased that Dafne Schippers, ambassador of the Princess Maxima Center, held a running clinic for the children of our center today. All the children gave it their best and ran very fast to try to beat Dafne. Dafne also had a wheelchair race with the wheelchair-bound children. Her presence put a smile on the face of the children. Everyone could see how much fun exercising was and that all these children moved to the maximum.

And as Dafne said: “It is so important to keep exercising, especially if you, like these children, are fighting cancer. Exercise stimulates and motivates. I really enjoyed running with all these children today.”