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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Diversity Day in the Princess Máxima Center: a statement.

Today, 5 October, the Princess Máxima Center is commemorating Diversity Day by publishing a special Máxima Statement. Diversity is not a goal in itself, but rather serves as a context for different perspectives and opinions to meet each other. Our center therefore strives to foster an inclusive work environment that values differences

The importance of diversity in the workplace
Diversity and inclusion have societal benefit. Many studies show that diversity within organizations has value. It challenges people to think in a different way, brings new insights, improves productivity, makes an organization more innovative and certainly also important: it contributes to a positive work experience.

By launching this statement the Máxima not only asks for more attention for diversity, but we also celebrate the power of differences:

The mission of the Princess Máxima Center is to cure all children with cancer, with optimal quality of life. To provide our children with the best possible care, our center has acquired highly specialized care professionals, researchers and support staff. To achieve the highest level of expertise, we need a diverse and open environment where every patient, family member and employee can thrive. Our center is a workplace where everyone is asked to contribute and is valued on their skill. As such, any form of discrimination or racism will not be tolerated and is not part of the mission of Princess Máxima Center. Only with an equal, diverse and open community in the Princess Máxima Center, we can find the best cure and outcome for all children with cancer.