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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Frequently asked questions about the corona virus

What measures is the Princess Máxima Center taking? What preparations have been made? We follow developments closely, together with experts from the UMC Utrecht. On this page we answer frequently asked questions by parents and children. We adjust them when the situation requires this.

For specific questions about the situation in the Princess Máxima Center, parents can contact the special corona phonenumber: (088) 972 5123.

What measures will the Princess Máxima Center take after July 1, 2020? On this page we answer the frequently asked questions of parents and children. These are updated as the situation changes.

I have an appointment at the Princess Máxima Center soon. Will it go ahead?
If your child is under treatment now, the appointment will definitely go ahead, unless your child has a cold. Then please contact the doctor’s assistant at the outpatient clinic first (088) 9725123. In consultation with parents/guardians and doctor, the possibility of an online appointment can be discussed.

What do i need to know about the curfew?
Parents / care givers belong to the exception category for the introduction of the curfew from 9.00 pm – 4.30 am. If you have to travel to and from the Máxima in the evening or at night, you can download your Self-Declaration Form for Curfew/ eigen verklaring avondklok and carry it with you (digitally or printed).

This also applies to any emergency treatment in the evening and at night. For more information, visit the website of the government.

As a parent of a child with cancer, do I need to wear a face mask or take other protective measures?
We ask all our visitors of 13 years and older to wear a non-medical face mask in public areas from Wednesday October 7th.

Visitors bring their own face mask, the Máxima provides a mask if someone has forgotten it. By public spaces we mean: the parking garage, central hall, corridors, waiting rooms and the restaurant. A face mask is not necessary in the ‘OKE’, the poly-speaking rooms, the treatment rooms and when you sit down in the restaurant.

Children with mild symptoms
In practice, it happens that children (and/or their parents) who come for an outpatient appointment or day care treatment have mild symptoms themselves. As a parent you can call to discuss this situation.

We assume that most treatments will (have to) continue as normal. If an appointment or examination can easily be rescheduled, the primary practitioner may consider a postponement. And radiological imaging is in principle not postponed. Children with mild complaints who are unexpectedly in the Máxima Center, get a mask and are escorted directly to the doctor’s office or consultation room and then out of the hospital. Is hospitalization required, than the child will be nursed in isolation.

My child has an appointment at the outpatient clinic, but I have a cold. What should I do?
In principle, a parent with a cold is not allowed to come along to the hospital. If there is really no other way, report this immediately upon entry and the hostess will give you a face mask.

My child has an appointment at the outpatient clinic, can brothers and sisters come?
Two parents/carers are welcome at the outpatient clinic. Because of the stricter coronary measures also in early 2021, the urgent request is not to bring siblings to the outpatient clinic. You can reserve a spot at the play center for the brothers and sisters by sending an email at least 24 hours before your appointment to: speelopvang@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. You will then receive an email with confirmation.

My child gets a day treatment, can brothers and sisters come with me?
Two parents/carers are welcome at the day treatment. Because of the stricter corona-measures, also in the beginning of 2021 the urgent request is not to bring siblings to the day treatment. You can reserve a spot at the play center at least 24 hours before your appointment, by sending an email to: speelopvang@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl. You will then receive an email with confirmation.

Who is still allowed to visit?

  • Two parents or visitors per child are allowed to come (with them) on one day.
  • Siblings under the age of 12 are always allowed to visit.

Family members/visitors come and go directly to and from the parent-child room. Do not walk around the building unnecessarily.

Can I come to the Máxima Center if I have been abroad?
This is due to the situation in the country (yellow, orange, red). Stick to government regulations and follow the advice about possible home quarantine after a trip or contact with an infected person.

What if your child is in aplasia and becomes infected?
For a child with lower resistance, the treatment after possible infection with the coronavirus is the same as for a child with a normal immune system.

What if, as a parent or one of your other children, you get infected with the virus? What should you do?
In this case, follow the advice of the local health authority (GGD). In that case, you as a parent cannot come along on a visit to the Princess Máxima Center.

What if there is a suspected patient at the Máxima?
A child with flu symptoms follows a special protocol. As soon as there is a suspicion of the coronavirus, screening, care and isolation take place according to protocol.

What measures do healthcare professionals (such as doctors, nurses, etc.) take against the virus?
In addition to the measures taken, the Máxima applies strict hygiene guidelines for hand hygiene, among other things. At various places in the Princess Máxima Center, there are pumps with disinfectant, allowing parents/carers and visitors to clean their hands. They are expected to make frequent use of it. In addition, everyone is of course required to stay 1.5 meters apart from each other.

Is my child under treatment at the Máxima more susceptible to the virus?
Children with cancer who are being treated often have a worse immune system. This makes them susceptible to infections. We now know that children are largely spared from the coronavirus, even children with cancer. As far as we know there are only a few children worldwide with cancer who have become ill due to the coronavirus during treatment. They were not seriously ill. So far, this is also the experience in the Netherlands.

Do the antibiotics my child is taking help against contracting the virus?Antibiotics only work against bacteria and not against a virus, so your child is not protected against the coronavirus.

I had cancer as a child. Am I particularly susceptible to the coronavirus?
Most survivors of childhood cancer are probably not more susceptible than people who have not had cancer as a child. Survivors with specific late effects (for example, on the heart or lungs) may experience more symptoms. For more information about the coronavirus in survivors, please click here or take a look at the LATER clinic page

My kid has a PAC. Should I be worried about the coronavirus?
No additional measures are required for a PAC. This presents a risk of bacterial infection; it is not an entrance for viruses. 

Can my child safely go to a shared care center for treatment? How does this referral work?
Treatment at the shared care centers (17 hospitals in the Netherlands with which the Princess Máxima Center works closely) is safe. Before your child goes to a shared care center for further treatment, the situation and policy against the coronavirus at the hospital in question will of course be examined first. We follow the measures of this hospital before making the referral.

My child has just finished treatment, is my child now particularly susceptible to the COVID-19 virus?
No, in principle, the defense is equal to that of healthy people. Except for, for example, children after a stem cell transplant; then it can take a little longer. It is important to note that children generally seem to suffer less from the coronavirus than older people.

Online lessons in the Máxima Center
There is no class time yet in the Máxima Center. The teachers teach online or go to the children in the parent-child room. This applies to both primary and secondary school children. If you have any questions you can always contact the teachers via school@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.

Will the activities and school for children at the Máxima continue?
Activities and events at the Máxima
All play, craft and music activities at the bedside will continue as much as possible. Many activities are available online. Live activities and events for children (and parents)are organized at the center, subject to the 1.5-meter rule. 

The facilities are open at specific times, such as the play center for siblings, the living rooms (open for cooking by appointment/according to schedule), the MuzieKids Studio (by appointment) and the Make-a-Wish theme room (Make-A-Wish can be reached via 035-2035300 or info@makeawishnederland.org).

The Haarwensen parlor opens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12 noon to 3 p.m., and can be reached by telephone for parents and children via (0297) 745300. It is also possible to provide children with a hair work through 30 centers throughout the Netherlands.

Is the VOKK desk in the hall of the Princess Máxima Center open?
Yes it is, especially now, a support worker can help if you need it. The VOKK desk is open on weekdays and weekends during regular opening hours. Of course the VOKK can be reached by telephone at 030-2422944 or by email.

Would you like more information? 
Here you can read about all the measures we have taken. For more information, please visit RIVM.nl. For specific questions about the situation at the Princess Máxima Center, please email us.