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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Fundraiser in the spotlight: 'Mothers from the Princess Máxima Center'

There are 828 fundraisers created for Mission 538. One team has already raised more than €20,000, putting them in second place. This is the team of the 'Mothers from the Princess Máxima Center'. 56 mothers have now joined. Initiator Jaylin shares her story.
'Inspired by the shorts campaign, I wanted to do something with other mothers in the Princess Máxima Center. Something that all mothers could participate in. Mothers in the center, but also mothers who have less time and energy because their child is being treated intensively. The goal is not necessarily to raise money, but more to create togetherness. Together we are strong.

My daughter Allexa (4) has neuroblastoma and has been treated at the Máxima for the past twenty months. Coincidentally, the treatment will be finished tomorrow, on her birthday. In the Máxima, you form a kind of hospital family. You get to know other mothers and you know what they are going through. There is a lot of understanding and support for each other. Now, during this mission week that feeling is stronger than ever, but in a positive sense.

Although you sometimes need contact with a mother in the same situation, you don't always approach someone very easily. You don't know what emotion someone is experiencing at that moment. That's why I decided to send a message to all Máxima mothers I know via WhatsApp or Instagram. I wrote: 'We are joining forces and setting up fundraisers for Mission 538 together. After all, we know what we are going through and how wonderful would it be to do this mission together. How much money is collected is not important. Our goal is to draw attention to this terrible disease. Are you in?'

We are now in a WhatsApp group with 56 mothers. In the group we share photos, positive things, but also support. For better or worse. When someone new joins the group, we all introduce ourselves. This way we know who belongs to which child and contacts are also created. We always benefit from this, even after this mission. We can do something together if we like.

All moms have shared our Mission 538 page with friends and family. In total we have already received more than a thousand donations. That comes to an amount of more than 20,000 euros. Today we shared a video on social media made by a father with our story and MáxiMama's logo. Very nice! Everyone in the group is taking part. I may have started, but this could never have become as big if I didn't have all those other fantastic mothers.