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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Princess Máxima Center chooses 100% sustainable service uniforms

The Princess Máxima Center is the first center in the Netherlands with 100% sustainable service uniforms. The new clothing line was created thanks to a good collaboration between designer, supplier, producer, laundry and the Princess Máxima Center Children's Advisory Board.

The fabric for the clothing is made from an innovative, environmentally friendly fiber technology and from wood from sustainably managed forests. The polyester component in the fabric is made from recycled PET bottles, 27 plastic half-liter bottles are used in one uniform in size M. This means that no new raw materials need to be used and that production uses significantly less energy. In addition to durability, the fabric is more comfortable for the wearer and also resistant to the industrial washing process. The new service uniform has been tested by our own employees. The design of the new clothing line was created by haute couture designer Monique Collignon and produced with input from the Princess Máxima Center Children's Advisory Board.

Diana Monissen, Chairman of the Princess Máxima Center Board: “Corporate social responsibility is an important starting point for our center. We are extremely proud of the sustainable clothing for our employees.”