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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Princess Máxima Center to open auditorium

With presentations by Hans Clevers, the center's departing scientific director, and Alexander Eggermont, the new chief scientific officer, the new auditorium of the Princess Máxima Center will be officially opened on Wednesday November 27.

In addition to sharing knowledge, the auditorium will be the place to 'bring in' international talents to the Princess Máxima Center and allow them to provide added value to the research and care of the children at the Máxima. Here the care department, the research department, the academy and the foundation can intensively transfer knowledge and share it with the outside world. Equipped with studio/AV facilities and an 'outside' elevator so that visitors do not have the feeling that they are disrupting the center's day-to-day operations.

A crucial factor in the ambition to provide top care and top research is sharing knowledge and bringing in knowledge. In order to achieve breakthroughs, an internationally oriented stage is needed. The multimedia design of the auditorium brings the impact of top talents and global expertise within reach. For the research: presentations, lectures, meetings; for the Academy: to enable life long learning for healthcare professionals and for direct care: (patient) meetings with specialists all over the world.

Top care and top research require top facilities
The contributions from Mylan as the largest donor, PNOZorg, RICS and the Stichting Talpa have been crucial to the construction, layout and facilities of the auditorium.