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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Sculpture as a thank you for hospitality

June 27, 2018
Princess Máxima Center directors Diana Monissen and Rob Pieters and UMC Utrecht's directors Margriet Schneider and Mirjam van Velthuizen unveiled a ceramic sculpture in the connecting bridge yesterday. The sculpture is a gift from the Princess Máxima Center to the UMC Utrecht as thanks for the hospitality of the past two years. “The Princess Máxima Center and the UMC Utrecht are important strategic partners. We find each other repeatedly in our drive for the child,” says the chairman of the board of the Máxima, Diana Monissen. “This sculpture shows what our collaboration stands for and what it's all about: working together to make the most of each other's knowledge and expertise and therefore doing our very best for the child.”


The sculpture was made by artist Shirley Weiffenbach and symbolizes the good cooperation between the two centers. The artwork depicts two hands with a child's hand within and stands for the central focus on parents and child, and for the good cooperation with each other in the care for children. The hands are placed on a rocky base that symbolizes the bumps that were overcome on the path to the new building, but which also stands for the firm confidence in a good outcome.

Chairman of the Board Margriet Schneider: “The Shirley Weiffenbach artwork that we received from the Princess Máxima Center symbolizes the helping hand and also the collaboration between the Máxima and the UMC Utrecht in which science and care together shape a better quality of life for children with cancer.”