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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Six-star restaurant at the Prinses Máxima Center

On Sunday 3 July the auditorium was transformed into a star restaurant with beautifully laid tables and professional chefs. Children and parents were served a delicious lunch. For children who could not go to the auditorium, a chef came with a star lunch by room service.

There was even musical accompaniment by a pianist and guitarist. The children also received their own chef's hat and a cooking apron with the crown of the Máxima center on it, so they could lend a hand. The star chefs and owner of Van Empelen catering were present to realize all this.

The six chefs, all of whom have earned one or more Michelin stars, created exceptional dishes that most children had never tasted before. The starter was a melon soup, the main course consisted of chicken breast with its own gravy, wild spinach balls, mushrooms and chips. And the finale was a dessert made by the pastry chef of the royal household. The court patissier made a fantastic chocolate dessert together with the children.


The children enjoyed and responded enthusiastically during and after lunch: 'I liked everything except the spinach, and with mushrooms, I'm not going to eat that, am I?!' 'Wow, how beautiful it

looks here'. 'Cook, can I have an autograph?' Emma's mother said afterwards: 'My girls really enjoyed this afternoon'. The family had come to Máxima especially to taste the starred lunch.

Meet and Greet

All children in the clinic also received a star menu in their rooms on this day. And there was even a Meet & Greet with it, the chefs went to the rooms. Many thanks to the chefs for this special afternoon: Alain Caron, Jaques Pourcel, Patrick Jeffroy, Jean Batiste Natali, René van Empelen and Jeroen Goossens.