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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Teen lounge redecorated

The teen lounge on the second floor has been redesigned. The space has been made more open and accessible, and the atmosphere is cozier thanks to feedback from the Máxima teens and the members of the KAR. Chilling out together and 'a game of airfield hockey in between'.
The Developmental Healthcare (OGZ) team has been working on upgrading the teen lounge in recent months. Machteld Burema, advisor OGZ: 'We had already received suggestions to make the teen lounge more fun and better. But we started with an inventory among teenagers. What would you like? Why/what do you go to the teen lounge for? What are your wishes and suggestions? The inventory mainly showed that mutual contact with peers is very important. Of course social media plays an important role in this. But many teens like chilling out together in a place other than their room.'


Last month the redecoration was a fact. Machteld: 'We removed the wall, which you ran into when entering the room. We also repositioned the benches, placed a large table, placed games in the closet and further embellished the room with plants and accessories. This has given the room a more open, accessible and cozy character. There is more to do together and a teenager can now enter the room in a bed.' At the teen lounge there is also a mailbox where teens can put their tips and tops.


What do the teens themselves think of it? We meet Giel (12) who is just winning a game of air field hockey with his mother. He says: 'I am from day care department, actually, but because I have to wait three hours, I am here in the teen lounge. I like board games like Goose Game (just for fun) and Stratego, which I often do with my dad. My mom likes Rummikub, but I don't see that here. Air field hockey, that’s what I really like to do, it's free here. My brother was often admitted to the Máxima Center last year and I sometimes went to the Teen Lounge for a game. I see the big black chairs are new, it is nice to sit behind the PlayStation. I'm also very sociable so I enjoy chatting with others here.’


‘From autumn onwards we will organize more activities for teenagers,' says Machteld Burema enthusiastically. ‘Some of these activities have been organized before, but we want to give them a new life. Examples are a game night in the teen lounge, a FIFA tournament and for example making music with the 'Maxima band'. We also want to encourage teenagers in various ways to get out of their rooms more. Meeting each other is at the same time their great desire, what else can we respond to.'

The Teen Lounge is located on the 2nd floor near the Mill/Castle unit.