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Prinses Máxima Centrum

The corona virus: how does the Princess Máxima Center deal with this?

The Princess Máxima Center is keeping a close eye on the developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The number of corona infections in the Netherlands is increasing again. This means that we in the Princess Máxima Center remain particularly alert. The starting point in our center is and remains of course that the care for our children continues optimally and unabatedly. So in general: the less crowded the center, the safer.

For specific questions about the situation in the Princess Máxima Center, parents can contact the special corona phonenumber: (088) 972 5123.

We always comply with the key precautions:

1. Wear a non-medical face mask in public areas
2. Have a cold? Stay at home, get tested
3. Keep 1.5 meters apart
4. Wash your hands regularly and carefully
5. Sneeze or cough in your elbow
6. Visiting? Go directly to the parent-child room or meet outside
7. Follow your (walking) instructions in the building
8. Do not stand still in the corridors, continue walking
9. Waiting for the outpatient clinic? Go to another waiting area with your telephone or buzzer

Polyclinic appointments
If your child is now under treatment, the appointment will take place, subject to the above measures. If your child has a cold, please contact the doctor’s assistant at the outpatient clinic (088) 9725123. Brothers and sisters younger than twelve years old are welcome at the clinic. To avoid crowding in the outpatient clinic, we ask you to wait elsewhere in the building or outside, keeping your telephone or buzzer at hand. You will be notified when your appointment is about to start.

Face masks for children, parents/carers and visitors
We ask all our visitors of 13 years and older to wear a non-medical face mask in public areas from Wednesday October 7th. Visitors bring their own face mask, the Máxima provides a mask if someone has forgotten it. By public spaces we mean: the parking garage, central hall, corridors, waiting rooms and the restaurant. A face mask is not necessary in the ‘OKE’, the poly-speaking rooms, the treatment rooms and when you sit down in the restaurant.

Who is still allowed to visit?

-Two visitors per child are allowed.

-Siblings younger than 12 years old may always visit.

Family members/visitors come and go directly to and from the parent-child room in accordance with the rules. This applies to the clinic and the clinic.

Children with mild symptoms
In practice, it happens that children (and/or their parents) who come for an outpatient appointment or day care treatment have mild symptoms themselves. As a parent you can call to discuss this situation. We assume that most treatments will (have to) continue as normal. If an appointment or examination can easily be rescheduled, the primary practitioner may consider a postponement. And radiological imaging is in principle not postponed. Children with mild complaints who are unexpectedly in the Máxima Center, get a mask and are escorted directly to the doctor’s office or consultation room and then out of the hospital. Is hospitalization required, than the child will be nursed in isolation.

Back to school
Elementary and secondary schools, special education and childcare are open. Everybody is going back to school. As far as we are concerned, this also applies to children being treated at the Princess Máxima Center. If there are no compelling reasons, for example shortly after a stem cell transplant, they can go back to school as normal. Siblings of children undergoing treatment can also go to school.

Elementary education at the Princess Máxima Center
Children from age four who are admitted to the Máxima can receive instruction in the parent-child room or at school in the classroom. The school is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Keep 1.5 meters apart
Wash your hands regularly and carefully, use tissues, cough or sneeze in your elbow, do not shake hands. We cannot say it often enough! These measures are and will remain essential to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). These measures include the most important measure of social distancing: keep 1.5 meters away from each other. During a consultation or an appointment, keep an appropriate distance from each other in the Princess Máxima Center and outside. Keep reminding each other!

Restaurant accessibility
The restaurant’s service counter is open to parents and children from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. There is also food and drink to take away (Grab & Go) available. Only parents, children and healthcare professional can use the restaurant, where there are fewer tables and chairs because of the 1.5-meter measure. The espresso bar is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Grab & Go is also sold there.

Activities and events at the Máxima
All play, craft and music activities at the bedside will continue as much as possible. Many activities are available online. Live activities and events for children (and parents)are organized at the center, subject to the 1.5-meter rule.

The facilities are open at specific times, such as the play center for 1-10-year-old siblings (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., reservation required: speelopvang@prinsesmaximacentrum), the living rooms (open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. A maximum of three families can sign up for the schedule to cook, eat and/or stay in the living rooms), the MuzieKids Studio (by appointment via muziekids@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl) and the Make-a-Wish theme room (Make-A-Wish can be reached via 035-2035300 or info@makeawishnederland.org).

The Haarwensen parlor opens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12 noon to 3 p.m., and can be reached by telephone for parents and children via (0297) 745300. It is also possible to provide children with a hair work through 30 centers throughout the Netherlands.

We have collected tips for online and offline activities for parents and children. Here you can read how you can keep exercising especially during this period.

Appointments at the LATER clinic
The LATER outpatient clinic of the Princess Máxima Center is open for all appointments. The outpatient clinic will contact you for a new appointment because there are catch-up appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click here for the answers to frequently asked questions.

Availability of VOKK
For information and support, the VOKK desk in the hall of the Máxima has been opened. Especially now a support worker can help if you need it. The desk is open on weekdays and weekends during regular opening hours. Of course the VOKK can be reached by telephone at 030-2422944 or by email.

More information
Through our website we will inform you about the situation and our working method. At www.RIVM.nl you can read about the current situation concerning corona and the measures we have taken. Here you can read the answers to frequently asked questions.