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Art in the Princess Máxima Center

Art distracts, comforts, connects, puts things into perspective and encourages reflection. That is why the Princess Máxima Center has an art collection. Art has a distracting and thus stress-reducing function. Children and their families as well as employees make a mental trip. The viewer deepens, broadens and marvels.

Some of the art is exhibited in public areas and some in semi-public areas such as meeting rooms and offices. The art committee receives art through donations or on loan.

“There is no quality of life without art.”

The arts policy actively contributes to the quality of life of the child and family. The Princess Máxima Center works on the basis of development-oriented care. This means that we focus on the development of the child on the developmental fields, namely physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual development.

Jacqueline de Vries, Máxima, acrylic on linen, 140 x 180 cm