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Patient portal

We use the UMC Utrecht patient portal to give parents and children access to their medical records. Here you will find results and medical letters. Sometimes these are provisional results, which are adjusted after consultation with other doctors. During your next appointment, the medical practitioner will explain the results.

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How can I access the patient portal?

If you are a patient at the Princess Máxima Center, ask the doctor's assistant to give you access to the portal. Once you have access, you can proceed via the 'Log in with DigiD' button above.

If your child is a patient at the Princess Máxima Center, you first require authorization to gain access to the portal.

 Three age groups: who has access?

  • If your child is under the age of 12, your child's permission is not required, but you must request authorization.
  • If your child is between 12 and 16 years old, it is important that both parent(s)/caregiver(s)/guardian(s) and child sign the authorization.
  • As from the age of 16, the authorization granted to parent(s)/caregiver(s)/guardian(s) automatically expires and only the child can log in to the portal.

How to request authorization

  • Download the authorization form here. You can also ask the doctor's assistants for the authorization form.
  • Hand in the completed form, along with valid proof of identity, to the doctor's assistants at the Princess Máxima Center.
  • They will process the authorization as soon as possible. Once your authorization has been processed, you can log into the portal with your own DigiD.

Results displayed immediately

You can view all your medical results in the UMC Utrecht patient portal. Bear in mind that these are straightforward results, without any comments or the interpretation of the care provider.

Results can be unpleasant or unexpected. It is also possible that anomalous values are of no significance in your particular case, or that the medical practitioner has not yet been able to view or discuss the anomalies with colleagues. They can also be provisional results (such as a radiology report), which are adjusted after consultation with other doctors. During your next appointment, the medical practitioner will explain the results. Should you be worried about a result please contact the primary medical practitioner or nurse specialist.

Definite appointments via the scheduling office

The following applies to all appointments and admissions, namely that all communications from our scheduling office are indicative. They telephone, email or send out a letter once an appointment is definite. Information regarding appointments is available via the portal, but that information is not always correct. This is because appointments are frequently changed in an effort to ensure they all slot in as accurately and effectively as possible. To avoid confusion, we therefore display as few appointments as possible. Appointments at the Princess Máxima Center are not displayed at all. Appointments at the WKZ or UMC Utrecht are displayed, but are subject to change. We therefore request that you do not rely on this information.

Please be aware that a care provider might request an appointment for an examination or intervention to be scheduled before consulted with you. This appointment is displayed straight away in the portal. Here too, if you are worried about an appointment, contact the primary medical practitioner or nurse specialist.

Any questions?

Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • For medical questions, contact the primary care provider or nurse specialist.
  • For questions regarding appointments, contact the scheduling office via 088 972 72 72.
  • For technical issues, contact the UMC Utrecht help desk via 088 755 89 90 or patientenportaal@umcutrecht.nl.

For all other questions regarding the patient portal, email patientportaal@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.

New: the MijnMáxima app

In addition to the existing patient portal, the Princess Máxima Center now also offers an app for parents/caretakers and children. With the MijnMáxima app, all general and substantive information is stored in one place, and the information is available anytime and anywhere. In the app you will find, for example, current information about the diagnosis, information about the Máxima and advice for at home. In addition, the app is the best way to keep you informed of important topics with the help of push messages, such as an adjustment to the visiting arrangement or a telephone disruption that makes Máxima temporarily unavailable.

Combination with patient file
In the future, the electronic patient file will be linked to the MijnMáxima app. This means that the information from the app, together with the data from the electronic patient file, as is currently still available via the UMC Utrecht portal, will be placed on the app. At that moment, all information can be found in one place: the MijnMáxima app. The app is then the place where general and substantive information as well as medical data, appointments, lab results, etc. are available.

The UMC Utrecht portal will therefore expire in due course. Before that happens, there is still a lot to be developed and tested. For the time being, both the MijnMáxima app for general and substantive information and the patient portal for medical information, and information that specifically applies to you / your child, will continue to co-exist.

Download the app here: