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Children’s Advisory Board: a voice for all patients

Our center has a Children’s Advisory Board (abbreviated as KAR in Dutch), which consists of 13 children aged 10 to 18 years who have very close ties with the Princess Máxima Center. They either have cancer themselves, have had cancer, or have someone close to them (such as a brother or sister) with cancer. They make sure all the sick children in our hospital have a voice in decision-making. Children are at the heart of everything we do and must be heard.

The KAR meets every two months to discuss subjects they have been asked to give advice on, or things that they think need to change or improve. These meetings are often attended by someone who needs the board members’ help or who wants to show them a new and interesting development. The Board of Directors takes the KAR’s comments, suggestions and complaints very seriously and acts on them.


Testing and tasting

In addition to these regular meetings, the Children’s Advisory Board members keep in contact using WhatsApp or email and come together for other activities, such as testing a new device in the hospital or tasting special food and drinks. In that way, they work together with the hospital staff to decide what’s best for the patients.

Contacting the Children's Advisory Board

The KAR can only do its job with the help of children in the hospital. Our patients are the ones who can let the KAR know if something is not going well or could be done better.

The email address is: kinderadviesraad@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl

The team is supported by Netty van Herwaarden, who works in our center.