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Client Council

Every healthcare institution in the Netherlands must have a Client Council, in line with legislation introduced in 1996. This Council provides input from the patient’s perspective to influence the institution’s strategy and policies.

At the Princess Máxima Center, the Client Council represents and serves all the children, adolescents and survivors treated at our center (our ‘clients’), and also their parents.

Groepsfoto cliëntenraad

Advisory powers

The law describes the issues the Client Council can advise on. Advice must be obtained from the Council on certain subjects. The Client Council can also give unsolicited advice on other matters it considers important.

Before the Board of Directors makes a decision about a matter that involves patients, it will ask the Client Council for advice. On some subjects—such as nutrition and quality of care—the legislation awards even stronger advisory powers. In those cases, the Board of Directors is obliged to follow the advice of the Client Council, unless it can convince the relevant professional association that it has compelling reasons not to do so.
 Policy development

While this legislation is helpful, it is even better if the Client Council is involved in policy development at an early stage. Creating a new and unique hospital together provides a wonderful opportunity to listen to what patients think and want.

The Client Council is therefore actively involved in many developments. Over the past two years, we have helped to shape decisions about the construction and interior design of the new hospital, the nutrition policy and regulations for the Biobank, among other initiatives. Our independence is crucial for this role. We need to keep an open mind and stay closely in touch with what is happening in the center so that we can optimally represent patients’ interests.

Now that the center has opened, the Client Council wants to continue to be much more than a formal advisory body. We want to remain a strategic partner so that we—together with oncologists, nurses, researchers and managers—can achieve the best care for children with cancer.

How do we work?

The Client Council meets with the Board of Directors at least six times a year to discuss a range of issues. The Executive Committee of the Client Council meets with the Chair of the Board of Directors every month. Individual members of the Client Council participate in the hospital's working groups. The Client Council also works with the VOKK (Parents, Children and Cancer Association) and the KAR (Children’s Advisory Board).


Members of the Client Council

The members of the Client Council are (former or current) patients or the parents of (former or current) patients, so they all have special expertise that can only be gained through experience. The Client Council has a maximum of 10 members. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to clientenraad@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.