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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

How can I get to the Princess Máxima Center?
What accommodation options are available to family members?
I have to take my child to the Princess Máxima Center and the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital. How can and should I use the bridge?

About us

Why was the Princess Máxima Center established?
For whom is the Princess Máxima Center ?

Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies

Why does the Máxima Center work together with pharmaceutical companies?
Why do pharmaceutical companies study new medicines?
How does it work, studying new medicines and children?
Can parents and children influence the study of new medicines in children?
Are pharmaceutical companies always needed for research into new medicines?
How are pharmaceutical companies monitored when they conduct research?
Does the Máxima Center earn money from the cooperation with pharmaceutical companies?
Do children/parents who take part in a trial receive compensation?
What happens with any money left after a trial sponsored by a pharmaceutical company?
Who owns the personal data on a child who participates in a trial involving new medicines?
Can pharmaceutical companies stop a trial if they are not happy with the results?
Who decides in the Máxima Center whether a child can participate in research into a new medicine?
What happens if the doctor thinks that a child can benefit from a medicine that is not officially available yet and for which no trial is underway at the Máxima Center?

Gifting policy

How does the Princess Máxima Center manage gifts, donations and treats?
When do children in the Princess Máxima Center receive presents?
I want to gift someone in the Princess Máxima Center
May I hand out treats at the Princess Máxima Center?