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Personal health environment (PGO in Dutch).

In a Personal Health Environment (PGO), you can collect medical data from multiple healthcare providers and healthcare organizations. For example, data from your medical file at Prinses Máxima Centre, your general practitioner, your pharmacy or your own physiotherapist. A PGO is usable by anyone 16 years and older.

What is a PGO?

A PGO brings together data from multiple healthcare providers, such as results from different laboratories. It helps you gain control and gives insight if you receive care in different places. A PGO is usable by anyone 16 years and older.

  • It is usable by anyone over sixteen years old
  • You decide when and what (new) data to add to your PGO.
  • You can also add your own information to your PGO, such as your weight, heart rate or email exchanges with your doctor.
  • Your PGO is not a replacement for your medical record or your patient portal. You can think of it as an addition to your record. A PGO can help you keep overview and direction.
  • You can use any supported PGO to retrieve the information from the Máxima. For supported PGOs, visit https://www.digitalezorggids.nl/kies-je-pgo/


How do you log in to Quli?

You log into the patient portal with your DigiD. You can then find and sign in to Quli.


How do you add information?

You log into Quli and choose the desired care provider or care organization.

Then you download the information and save it in your PGO.


Any questions?

Do you have questions about the patient portal or your PGO? Send an mail to patientportaal@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl