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The Máxima Center takes care of it

When a child has cancer, only one thing is important: cure. Unfortunately, one in four children still dies of cancer. At the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht, we treat all children in the Netherlands who develop cancer. Here, doctors, nurses and scientists work intensively together to find new and better treatments. With only one goal: to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life. #hetMáximazorgtervoor

If you have had cancer as a child, you are under supervision at the LATER clinic of the Princess Máxima Centre. Tijn (20) was diagnosed with cancer when he was a freshman at 12 and now comes to this LATER outpatient clinic: 'I still have problems with painful hands and feet. The LATER doctor checks how these are doing and gives me advice.' Curious about Tijn’s story? Click here for the article.

Genetic test provides targeted treatment for Dylana

A genetic test can provide important indications about the type of tumour, its aggressiveness and which drugs are most effective. Dylana's test showed that she had a very rare soft tissue tumour. This made her eligible for a new, targeted medicine. Curious about Dylana's story? Watch the video:

the Princess Máxima Center

The Princess Máxima Center is not an ordinary hospital, but a research hospital. This means that not only doctors and nurses work here, but also more than 400 scientists. Because they work closely together, they can develop new and better treatments. In this way, we offer children today the very best care, and take important steps toward improving survival for children in the future. 

From 75% to 100% cure  

In order to achieve our mission, there is still much work to be done by the doctors and scientists who work in our center. And they could really use your help. 

With your financial support, they can do more, wider ranging and more in-depth research. This allows us to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that contribute to innovative treatments and improved quality of life. Donate here or find out how you can support us. 

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