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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board safeguards the future of our center by supervising the strategy implemented by the Board of Directors. This is to monitor that the policy is aimed at realising the mission and ensuring the continuity of the centre.

The Princess Máxima Center has a broad-based Supervisory Board, chaired by Ir. R.L. (Rokus) van Iperen.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Ir. R.L. (Rokus) van Iperen, chair - former president and CEO of Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • Drs. H.H.J. (Herman) Bol – former member of the Board of Directors of UMC Utrecht
  • Prof. dr. M.J. (Max) Coppes – physician-in-chief of the Renown Children's Hospital, professor of pediatrics University of Nevada
  • Drs. B. (Barbara) Fransen - director Agfra Holding
  • Prof. dr. J.H. (Herre) Kingma – former chair of the Board of Directors of Medisch Spectrum Twente, former Inspector General for Public Health
  • Drs. C.I.J.M. (Clémence) Ross-Van Dorp – director/administrator AGORA (palliative care support center), owner of TNWOC and former State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport
  • Drs. BSc. R. (Rob) Stricker - management consultant, former chairman of VOKK (Dutch Childhood Cancer Parent Organization)
Secretary to the Supervisory Board is Mr. A.L.J. (Ton) van Dooremalen.