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The Princess Máxima Center can count on strong and broad support for its mission. For many years, individuals, non-profit organizations and companies across the Netherlands have been working in all sorts of ways to help children with cancer. Their support is heartwarming and invaluable.

KiKa, Villa Joep, Roparun and KWF Kankerbestrijding all provide indispensable financial support for the Princess Máxima Center. Our collaboration with the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht is very important. The many private initiatives supporting our work are also invaluable. All of these contributions enable us not only to advance research, but also to create special services for children and parents. Through these services we try to provide the support children and parents need to continue living their lives as normally as possible.

KiKa, Villa Joep, and KWF Kankerbestrijding are important funders of our research. The healthcare insurance companies finance the care we provide to children. We exchange knowledge and expertise with our partner UMC Utrecht, and make use of operating rooms and intensive care units in the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (Wilhelminaziekenhuis, WKZ). The UMC Utrecht and WKZ have partnered with us to build a bridge connecting the Princess Máxima Center with the neighboring WKZ, which makes it easier for patients and personnel to move between the buildings.


Funds raised by our important partner KiKa provide a solid foundation for our pediatric oncology research. From the very beginning, KiKa has supported the idea of creating one national center of pediatric oncology that would rank amongst the world’s best. In addition to funding a large number of research programs, KiKa has also provided crucial funding for our new building. The fantastic results of a fundraising campaign run by KiKa in 2013 helped to finance construction of the center. KiKa has also raised money for setting up and equipping research labs in the new building. KiKa will continue to be an important partner for the Princess Máxima Center in the years ahead, working with us to enable more and even better research into childhood cancer.

Princess Máxima Center Foundation

The Princess Máxima Center facilitates fundraising among private donors, investment funds and companies in order to provide facilities that are not covered by standard healthcare insurance. These facilities are crucially important for the well-being of children with cancer and their families during the long process of treatment and hospitalization, and in the subsequent recovery period .