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Testimonial by Wouter and Astrid, parents of Iris

We came into contact with the Princess Maxima Center on December 30, 2002. Our daughter Iris (4) was diagnosed with a kidney tumor. We have been a child at home in the Máxima Center for about a year now and Iris has already had many (day) treatments. Her Bravery Cord is now 5 meters 10 and has 386 beads.'
'As crazy as it sounds, we have always found the time at the Máxima Center to be very pleasant. Besides Iris and us, that's brothers Levi and Benjamin too. 

Even if it was always long days for us, it was always nice to be here. Iris also likes to be here. There is plenty to do, from arts and crafts to going to the music studio. All the kind volunteers and lovely nurses do everything to make the stay as pleasant as possible. There are many opportunities for relaxation and distraction for children and parents.

The various activities organized for the children and parents are very nice and important. The music studio, performances of CliniClowns and arts and crafts volunteers give the children something to do during their treatment days. There are also regular fun activities for the parents. From massages to pleasant conversations with caregivers. And the good restaurant and delicious coffee are also a nice distraction.

The Princess Máxima Center always feels welcoming and safe for us as a family. All the staff are so dedicated to Iris and to all of us. We would like to say to other parents: Take advantage of the help that is offered. There is room for all your questions and together they will find a solution.’
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