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Stories from the Máxima Center

Read stories from parents, children and professionals about life with childhood cancer.
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Bradley (12) is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

'It's hard to explain to those who can't see behind our front door. It can feel lonely,' says mother Shirley Lynn.
07 March 2024

Story of a survivor: Marleen (20) overcame Hodgkin's and soon sails the world

'I want to show the kids currently at the Máxima Center that a world of opportunities awaits them after childhood cancer.'
02 February 2024

Testimonial by Wouter and Astrid, parents of Iris

‘All the lovely volunteers and care staff do everything to make our stay as pleasant as possible'
19 December 2023

Noud (3) has Burkitt lymphoma

'In a time when you go through so much, you learn what really matters. We immensely enjoy things that used to seem obvious.'
12 December 2023

Testimonial by Esther, mother of Maxime

The Máxima Center still feels like home to us; we have always felt understood. The social workers have also guided us very well.
16 November 2023

Lynn (10) passed away from acute myeloid leukemia

06 November 2023

Survivor Story: Eva

Eva's chances of survival were estimated at 20 percent. Her mother Ellen: 'During the first week, we just cried. We thought she was going to die.'
05 September 2023

Acute myeloid leukemia was discovered during Jes' (14) holiday

‘I now know what I have. Because I almost lost it.’
01 September 2023

Wouter (23) passed away from neuroblastoma

29 August 2023

Elidah (14) was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma

'I'm very grateful that I'm alive. That I'm not dead because of this disease. I get to live, day to day.'
18 August 2023

Tibbe (16) has a prosthetic leg

13 July 2023

Testimonial Jeroen and Maaike, parents of Florian

'It sometimes seems like the Máxima Center doesn't know death, but unfortunately that's not the case'
14 June 2023

Mother Jessica sensed something was wrong: Ediene (4) has leukemia

'It's leukemia,' I told my partner and my mother when Ediene had been feeling unwell for some time.'
13 June 2023

Story of a survivor: Froukje had leukemia

'Sometimes I try to explain to classmates what I feel, but they don't understand the pain. I find that difficult.'
12 June 2023

Testimonial Leonie, mother of Seph

'The staff are tremendously driven, have made a conscious choice to work at the Máxima Center and you sincerely feel that when you walk around.'
11 June 2023

Parents Kat & Myrna tell of tumor in newborn Oakley

‘Everyone knew us at the Princess Máxima Center. They don't see a newborn baby very often.'
09 June 2023

Testimonial Aimee, mother of Charlie

'And on the long days when you can't leave the room: look for activities that can.'
05 June 2023

Story of a survivor: Cherine had bone cancer

'I have rediscovered my identity and discovered what I can still do.'
03 June 2023

Testimonial Carola, mother of Cato

'You'd rather not be there but if you must, this really is the best place for your child'
02 June 2023

Vincent (18) has a brain tumor and is terminally ill

'I am no longer curable. I want to help others in such a a comparable situation and show them how to stay positive,’ he writes.
01 June 2023

Testimonial Marianne, mother of Bas

'Having our own space and our own bed, shower and toilet for us parents. That's very nice'
30 May 2023

Sem (3) has leukemia

His mother Miranda (35) shares their story and offers tips. 'My mother's feeling told me something wasn't right.'
17 May 2023

Testimonial Flora, grandmother of Naïma

'The staff always try to make the treatments happen with as little stress as possible.'
08 May 2023

17 April 2023

09 April 2023