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Stories from the Máxima

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Sem (3) has leukemia

His mother Miranda (35) shares their story and offers tips. 'My mother's feeling told me something wasn't right.'
17 May 2023

Why improved treatment of childhood cancer is a necessity

In the Netherlands 1 in 4 children with cancer pass away.
13 September 2022

Quality of life

What role does this department play within our center and why is it important to have it?
14 June 2021

Impression of the Máxima Center

For those who have never been inside.
14 June 2021

Through the eyes of Saméo

How does he experience a visit to the Máxima Center?
14 June 2021

Maximum movement

Exercising is no longer a given for a child with cancer. The Princess Máxima Center encourages children to still get and stay in motion. How do we do that?
14 October 2020

The essence of the Princess Máxima Center

'We've only just got started'
01 October 2020

What happened to us

How does a child with cancer affect you as a parent?
24 September 2020

Dear to dream

Stories from children treated at the Princess Máxima Center
15 September 2020