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Information Cooperative in accordance with the ANBI guidelines

Name of the cooperative
Vereniging Prinses Máxima Centrum voor kinderoncologie in coöperatief verband met uitsluiting van aansprakelijkheid (U.A.).   

The RSIN number   
The RSIN number of the cooperative is 821674699.

Contact Details
Visiting address : Heidelberglaan 25-25, 3584 CS Utrecht.
Postal address : Postbus 113, 3730 AC Bilthoven

Board of Directors of the cooperative   
The Board of Directors of the cooperative is formed by   
C.H. (Cor) Broekhuizen (chair)
Mrs M.C. (Marianne) Naafs-Wilstra
Dr. W.A. (Willem) Kamps
Dr. H. A. (Hugo) Heij

The Board performs its duties without remuneration.   
The secretary of the cooperative is Mr. A.L.J. (Ton) van Dooremalen.

The aim of the cooperative   
The aim of the cooperative is to: bring about and maintain a national children's oncology center in the Netherlands, bringing together care and research at the highest level, in order to achieve a cure for more than 90% of children with cancer with minimal side effects and optimal development opportunities towards adulthood. In this respect the cooperative has two core tasks: monitoring the mission and ensuring the smooth running of the process.

Financial accounting   
The financial accounting for the cooperative takes place at the same time as that for the Prinses Máxima Centrum voor kinderoncologie B.V., of which the cooperative is 100% shareholder. This accountability takes place in the month of June following the end of the financial year of the cooperative and the B.V.