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Missie 538 for the Princess Máxima Center

From December 19 to 23, Radio 538 is fundraising for the Máxima Center with Missie 538. The aim is to raise the largest possible contribution for special clean rooms in the Máxima Center. In these clean rooms, immune cells of children with cancer can be programmed to attack cancer. This increases the chance of survival, with fewer long term side effects, and speeds up research.
Pediatric oncology in the Netherlands
At the Princess Máxima Center we treat all children with cancer in the Netherlands. Here, doctors, nurses and scientists work intensively together to increase the chances of survival. They also work to improve the quality of life of children with cancer. So that the treatment has as little impact as possible on the child's life, now and in the long term.

From 75% to 100% chance to survive
To achieve our mission, to cure every child with cancer with optimal quality of life, there is still a lot of work to do. And we could really use your help with that. Because not all facilities in our center, which are so essential for child and family, are reimbursed by health insurers. In addition, with your financial support we can also accelerate scientific breakthroughs. And thus improve the treatment of childhood cancer. Together, we make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.

KiKa Korte Broek

As the main financier of the research taking place at the Máxima Center, KiKa has decided to link its annual campaign 'KiKa Korte Broek' to Missie 538. Together we can make even more impact for children with cancer. More information about the mission can be found at 538.nl/missie.

I support the campaign

Missie 538

Missie 538 for clean rooms: here's what you need to know

What are clean rooms? And why is it so important to build them in the Máxima Center? We explain here, along with how you can support the campaign.

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No immunotherapy without clean rooms

Immunotherapy is a new type of treatment for children with cancer. This treatment can only be made in clean rooms. At the Máxima, we are doing a lot of research to make immunotherapy work for more and more children. This treatment puts the body’s own defense mechanisms into action against cancer. But how does that actually work?

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A well-known Máxima duo speaks: Jelle (15) and his father

In Radio 538's report, Jelle tells his story. We found out, many at the Máxima Center know him, as well as his father, all too well. 'They are a fantastic duo,' says physician assistant Simone Walraven. 'They make a little party of it and are always optimistic.'

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Fundraiser in the spotlight: 'Mothers from the Princess Máxima Center'

The 'Mothers from the Princess Máxima Center' team has already raised more than €20,000- for Missie 538, putting them in second place. 56 mothers have now joined. Initiator Jaylin: 'We are joining forces and setting up fundraisers for Mission 538 together. After all, we know what we are going through and how wonderful would it be to do this mission together.'

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Stef (16) survives leukemia thanks to immunotherapy

Because other treatments did not work well enough for Stef, he was eligible for cell therapy. This makes him one of the first children in the Netherlands. In this video he shares his experience.


Pediatric oncologist Friso Calkoen treats children with immunotherapy

'It's great that nowadays we can change a child's own cells in the laboratory into super cells that attack the cancer cells in a very targeted way. We're now looking at what else is possible to use this method better and for other forms of childhood cancer.’

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