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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Orange Heart on International Childhood Cancer Day

Today marks International Childhood Cancer Day, to raise awareness for children with cancer and their families. 

A day on which we like to offer children with cancer and their families extra support and encouragement. Today, all children in the Princess Máxima Center will receive a card, especially designed by Suus (8, kidney tumor) and Arne (illustrator). By scanning the QR code on the card, they can read all the messages that have been sent in. Thousands of people have sent an Orange Heart to the children and their families. Keep an eye on our socials and website to see how the card and messages were received at the Máxima Center.    

Activities in the Máxima Center 

We organized several activities for children and parents today. There is a food stall with the Dutch sweet snack 'poffertjes', Radio-Robbie and Chemo-Kasper will hand out a bead for the Bravery cord, and there is a crafting and baking activity for children. There will also be a special gathering for families and staff between 16:00 - 17:00 pm, including the unveiling of the Inspiration Totem and a new bead for the Bravery cord. Will you be there? Signing up is not necessary. Click here for more information. 

In the evening, starting at 7:30 pm, we have the premiere of the Dutch documentary series 'From Survival to Living', created by director and survivor Annick Sickinghe. We invite you to attend this premiere, you can register here