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Patient portal

We use the UMC Utrecht patient portal to give parents and children access to their medical records. Here you will find results and medical letters. Sometimes these are provisional results, which are adjusted after consultation with other doctors. During your next appointment, the medical practitioner will explain the results.

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How can I access the patient portal?

Via the orange button above it is easy to click through to your patient portal. If you are a patient at the Princess Máxima Center, ask the doctor's assistant to give you access to the portal. Once you have access, you can proceed via the 'Log in with DigiD' button above.

If your child is a patient at the Princess Máxima Center, you first require authorization to gain access to the portal.

 Three age groups: who has access?

  • If your child is under the age of 12, your child's permission is not required, but you must request authorization.
  • If your child is between 12 and 16 years old, it is important that both parent(s)/caregiver(s)/guardian(s) and child sign the authorization.
  • As from the age of 16, the authorization granted to parent(s)/caregiver(s)/guardian(s) automatically expires and only the child can log in to the portal.

How to request authorization

  • Download the authorization form here. You can also ask the doctor's assistants for the authorization form.
  • Hand in the completed form, along with valid proof of identity, to the doctor's assistants at the Princess Máxima Center.
  • They will process the authorization as soon as possible. Once your authorization has been processed, you can log into the portal with your own DigiD.
Questions about the patient portal

The patient portal of the Princess Máxima Center and the UMCU has been renewed as of March 1.

With a DigiD you can, among other things, view personal data from the medical record. Do you have any questions or suggestions about the new patient portal? We would like to hear from you, because this feedback will help us to improve the new portal step by step.

Consultation reports
Consultation reports dated before March 1, 2024 are only available in summary form on the patient portal. This is a technical issue. We expect this to be resolved by June. Consultation reports dated after March 1, 2024 can be viewed in full on the patient portal.

  • Would you like to view a pre-March 1 consultation report? Ask your doctor or nurse specialist.

Medication file
The medication record in the portal is still under development. We can imagine that you may have some questions.

  • Questions about a medication dose? Send your question to your nurse specialist via e-consult.
  • Want to request a prescription refill? Send your question to the pharmacy with an e-consult.

Other questions
Medical questions? Contact your doctor or nurse specialist.

Questions about appointments? Contact the planning office on 088 972 72 72.

Technical problems? Contact the UMC Utrecht helpdesk at 088 756 88 90 or patientenportaal@umcutrecht.nl.

Results displayed immediately

As soon as there is a result, you can see it in the portal. It does not say what the result means. Sometimes it is still a preliminary result that will be adjusted after the treatment team has discussed it. The medical letters that doctors send each other can also be found in the patient portal. Your doctor will explain what the results mean to you at your next appointment.

Are you concerned about a result you have seen in the portal? Then contact your doctor or nursing specialist.

Appointments via the scheduling office

All appointments and admissions are arranged by our scheduling office. They call, email or send a letter as soon as an appointment is finalized. You will also see all appointments in the patient portal.
Because appointments sometimes still change, they are not final until an appointment letter has been sent by the scheduling office. This is then visible in your mail or on the patient portal.
If you have questions about an appointment, contact the scheduling office at 088 972 72 72.

Access to electronic data exchange

In order to provide the best possible care, it is sometimes necessary to exchange your data electronically with another caretaker. Think of your general practitioner or another hospital. This is why we ask you and/or your parents for permission to do this.

If you and/or your parents give permission, only your health information from the Princess Máxima Center will be shared with the other care worker. These are only those data that are necessary for treatment with the other care worker.

Giving permission can be done:

  • Through the patient portal
  • At the help desk of a doctor's assistant

Any questions?

Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions.

For all other questions regarding the patient portal, email patientportaal@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.