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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Accreditation awarded

The quality certificate for our safety management system (NEN8009) has been obtained. This is, according to the auditors, an exceptional achievement for a center that has only been operational for three years. A lot of hard work went into obtaining the certificate, which is why employees get a treat today.

The auditors wrote a report with compliments and points for improvement. The compliments included the following: the ‘pediatric oncology nurse in the lead’ project, the standard (prospective) risk assessment for the introduction of new medical aids, and the patient participation that is visible in the clinical research and bedside visits. The audit clearly shows that the Princess Máxima Center works on the basis of a vision, gives meaning to various registrations and keeps an eye on children and parents.

Our center has been given a year to implement three points for improvement. These include verification of the improvement measures set out and full implementation of prospective risk inventory and complication registration.