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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Five years Princess Máxima Center

Today marks exactly five years since the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology was officially opened by Queen Máxima. Since that day, all children with cancer in the Netherlands are treated at our center and research into childhood cancer has been concentrated in Utrecht. This creates better treatments and new perspectives on curing and quality of life for children with cancer. The anniversary is a time to reflect on the results of five years of innovation in care and research into childhood cancer at the Máxima Center.

Five-year milestones, including:
  • Fewer complications during and after surgery in children with neuroblastoma.
  • Survival rate of infants with leukemia greatly increased by immunotherapy.
  • Intra Operative MRI (IO MRI) reduces complications and reoperations in children with brain tumors.
  • As the largest pediatric oncology center in Europe, an attractive partner for other centers and clinical trial networks worldwide.
  • Leading research climate with top talent from 40 different nationalities.
In the past five years, important steps have been taken to realize the mission of the Princess Máxima Center: 'To cure every child with cancer with optimal quality of life'. Due to the concentration of care and research, the scale and international cooperation, the center occupies a top position worldwide. This is bearing fruit: 107 clinical trials have been opened and new treatments, such as various forms of immunotherapy, and (research) technologies, such as intra-operative MRI, genome sequencing and associated precision medicine, a biobank and data infrastructure, have been created in and thanks to the research hospital that was newly built at the Utrecht Science Park.