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Prinses Máxima Centrum

'It is nice that we share a lot and understand each other without many words'

Lon (27) and Iris (28) live together in Amersfoort with their 11-month-old son Finn (born on 1 January 2021). They know each other because they have both had cancer. Lon had Leukemia (ALL) at the age of six and Iris had Non Hodgkin's Disease at the age of sixteen.
How exactly did you get to know each other?
In August 2018, we both participated in the Chain of Balloons, a bicycle tour organised by the Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland (then VOKK). Lon was there as a guide and Iris as a participant. The chemistry was immediate, but we didn't dare date until later.

To what extent does being ill play a part in your relationship?
Our relationship would never have existed if we had not both been ill, let alone if Finn had been there. We come into contact with our past illnesses on a daily basis. It is 'nice' that we have both been ill. So we both like to sit on benches when we go for a walk, or sit in cafés when we are in town, because we need to recharge. It's nice that we share a lot and understand each other without many words.

What do you like about each other?
Lon: Iris is sweet, funny, sociable, caring and fun-loving. We can enjoy going out together and playing games at home. She also has beautiful eyes.
Iris: Lon is sweet, spontaneous, caring, has a great sense of humour and is a real family person. I fell in love with his spontaneity and open gaze, they struck me right away.

What would you like to say to LATER clinic visitors?
Gather people around you with whom you need only a few words and with whom you can be completely yourself. You have been through something that is incredibly radical and that will shape the rest of your life. Enjoy, love and live.

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