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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Missie 538 raises more than €4 million for clean rooms in the Princess Máxima Center

The proceeds of Mission 538 for the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht were announced this afternoon. The cheque with the total amount of €4.278.466 was presented to prof. dr. Rob Pieters, pediatric oncologist and medical director. The funds will be used to build clean rooms in the Máxima, in which children's immune cells will be programmed to attack cancer. This can help increase the survival rate of children with cancer, with fewer long term side effects.
DJs and listeners

From Monday 19 to Friday 23 December, the DJs and listeners of Radio 538 took part in the Missie 538 campaign to raise as much money as possible for the Princess Máxima Center. They challenged themselves and their guests, pushed boundaries, went in search of special stories and created poignant reports. On Friday afternoon, DJ Wietze de Jager ran the 21 kilometers from the studio in Hilversum to the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht. With the encouragement of children, parents, pediatric oncologists, nurses and bystanders, he ran the last few meters before presenting the cheque.

Clean rooms

The entire amount raised with Missie 538 will be used to build clean rooms for the production of cell therapy, a promising type of immunotherapy. In the clean rooms, children's immune cells will be programmed to attack cancer. This can help increase the survival rate of children, with less damage in the long term. The Princess Máxima Center will also carry out scientific research in the clean rooms, to make cell therapy available for an increasing number of children with cancer.

Donations, auctions and fundraisers

This week, the 538 listeners decided the playlist, in exchange for a donation. In addition, Bas Smit delivered a spirited performance every morning as auctioneer. He managed to secure high amounts. And not only Bas Smit, ambassador of the Máxima, got involved with Missie 538, the other ambassadors of the Máxima, Chantal Janzen, Maan, Robert Doornbos and Chantal Bles, Anita Meijer, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano and Dafne Schippers also took part. Many listeners, including a large number of parents whose child is being treated at the Máxima, started a fundraiser.

KiKa Shorts

KiKa, as one of the most important research funders of the Princess Máxima Center, also took action for Mission 538. Many Máxima employees also responded enthusiastically to this campaign and wore shorts on Thursday. The campaign raised the wonderful amount of €637.379, which went entirely to Missie 538 and therefore to the Máxima.


The week dedicated to Missie 538 for the Máxima inspired parents, children and employees of the Máxima. Many own fundraisers were initiated. With that one clear goal in mind: to cure all children with cancer, with optimal quality of life. The connection, togetherness and passion were widely felt. Everyone involved is enormously grateful for 538 and the contribution of everyone's efforts.