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Prinses Máxima Centrum

MRI hoisted in to new operating room Wilhelmina Children's Hospital

This morning, a large crane hoisted the 6300 kilogram magnet of the MRI scan into the WKZ building. The device was pushed in through a hole in the facade of the new extension to the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital. A highlight for the construction of an intra-operative MRI operating room that is expected to be in use in the fall.
The construction of the Intra-operative (IO) MRI-OK is a collaboration between UMC Utrecht and the Prinses Máxima Center. Within the Máxima Center, neuro-oncology is a focus area for the upcoming years. The IO MRI-OK is one of the innovative technologies being used to develop more effective treatments for children with brain tumors. The Máxima Center does not have its own operating facilities, but uses the OK complex at the WKZ for this purpose.

More accurate surgery
Worldwide there are only a few places with a similar combination of MRI and OR. An MRI in the operating room offers the possibility of making new MRI scans of the operating field during neurosurgical surgery, which provide an exact representation of the actual anatomical proportions. The IO MRI provides information about the size of the remaining tumor and its proportions to the healthy surrounding brain tissue. The neurosurgeon can remove more tumor tissue more safely and accurately. This can prevent complications and improves the end result of the operation.

Construction process
As of early 2021, the area, just under the bridge connecting the Máxima Center to the WKZ, has been prepared for construction. In April, construction hoardings were placed around it with colored drawings of children from the WKZ and the Máxima Center. Step by step the building section was erected. A new building for the IO-MRI OR was constructed between two 'building blocks' of the WKZ building. Inside it connects to the current operating rooms on the 2nd floor. The highest point of the building was reached in November 2021. The new operating room is expected to be officially in use in the fall.