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Prinses Máxima Centrum

New bead Kanjerketting for physical therapy and rehabilitation

The Kanjerketting has added a new Kanjerkraal: a bead for children starting physical therapy and/or rehabilitation. It is a yellow fist that radiates strength. The bead was first shown last Saturday at a symposium in honor of the 35th anniversary f the Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland, initiator of the Kanjerketting.

A bead for physical therapy and rehabilitation

Patrick van der Torre, pediatric physiotherapist at the Máxima Center, accepted the bead last Saturday: 'A large proportion of children with cancer experience physical therapy and/or rehabilitation in support of or after their treatment. They are encouraged to push their limits. For example, if they are re-learning to stand and walk after major tumor surgery. Or if they need to build up strength and condition during intensive chemo treatment. It is great that with this bead there is a reward for the children's hard work.

Mees (18) also likes the idea of the bead: 'I found it very annoying that I had to go to the hospital for physical therapy after school for three and a half years, but it did pay off. The physical therapist taught me how to use the wheelchair and helped me walk again. It is nice that children who go through this now get a reward with a Kanjerkraal and can see what they have achieved.

More information about the Kanjerketting

More than 45 beads now exist for the Kanjerketting. After a treatment, a new bead is added to the necklace. In this way, each child has a unique necklace that tells his or her own story. More information can be found on the site of the Vereniging Kinderkanker Nederland.