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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Oration: ‘Dreams are hard work’

On Wednesday, November 23, Prof. dr. Max van Noesel, Clinical Director solid tumors, will deliver his oration. His plea: ‘We need to put more effort into bringing innovations to the patient.’
Since the early 1990s, Max van Noesel has been focusing on neuroblastoma and sarcoma research. Max is one of the initiators of the Princess Máxima Center and Clinical Director of the Department of Solid Tumors. He has been appointed professor of pediatric solid tumors at Utrecht University as of July 1, 2020 affiliated with the Division of Imaging & Oncology (Imaging & Cancer). His research is part of the oncology prime focus of UMC Utrecht.

What is the key message in your oration?

Max van Noesel: 'That's still a bit of a surprise until November 23. But one thing is clear: There are an enormous lot of good things to say about our center, but we do need to put more effort into bringing innovations to the patient. Our center is still too much divided in two departments: hospital and research. In addition, of course I want to talk about solid tumors, what they are and what future developments look like within my specialty, apart from the developments of our center. My teaching assignment as a professor is the development of Theranostics (nuclear therapy using radiolabeled drugs) in pediatric tumors. In my oration I will also talk about the important things we can do with that.'

How does your teaching assignment fit with the mission of the Máxima Center?

'My teaching assignment for pediatric oncology at Utrecht University fits exactly! I work closely with the department of nuclear medicine: they can't do without me and I can't do without them to develop Theranostics in children. In addition, as head of the solid tumors department, I am also closely involved in other innovations such as Precision Medicine and immunotherapy. By the way, this is completely in line with the main strategic points of our center, but in the coming years we have to accelerate them and make the right choices. To name a few: combination therapy with new agents, precision surgery using fluorescence and 3-D imaging. We are working hard to also introduce CAR T-immunotherapy for solid tumors and brain tumors at the Máxima Center. All very valuable and full of ambition, like everything at the Princess Máxima Center.’ According to the professor pediatric solid tumors.

The oration of Prof. dr. Max van Noesel will take place on Wednesday, November 23, at 4:15 pm in the UU Academy Building. Attendance in the auditorium is by invitation only. The oration can be followed via a livestream.