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Prinses Máxima Centrum

The Princess Máxima Center brings second group of Ukrainian children to the Netherlands

Thirteen employees of the Princess Máxima Center are flying to Krakow again today. This time we are flying back to the Netherlands with 19 Ukrainian children and their parents/carers on board. Their treatment will be continued or started at the Máxima Center. Other groups of children will go to Germany, Spain, and Italy.

After a medical check on board, it will be determined whether the children can go with the host families after arrival, or have to stay in the Máxima Center. This is expected to be only a few children – most of the children arriving today will be coming to the outpatient clinic or day clinic starting next week.  

The children arriving tonight are between 2 and 17 years old. They will receive the comprehensive, medical care they need, as well as accommodation in a host family and psychological support.

In this way the Máxima Center is helping a total of 49 Ukrainian children with cancer. Thanks to the efforts of many, the group of children we picked up on 14 March is already fully integrated into the treatment process.