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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Diana Monissen announces she’s stepping down from the Princess Máxima Center

Diana Monissen announced that she will resign at the beginning of 2020 as CEO and chair of the board of directors of the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology. After the achievement of opening the Center in May 2018, under her chairmanship a solid foundation was laid for the future. She therefore thinks that now is the right time to make room for succession.
Diana Monissen became CEO of the Princess Máxima Center in mid-2015. In the subsequent years, together with her fellow board members Rob Pieters and Hans Clevers, she moved mountains to realize the pediatric oncology care and research center in Utrecht. In May 2018 the brand new building was finished and the center opened its doors.

Since its opening last year, the Princess Máxima Center continued to develop and professionalize, as well in the main pillars care, research and training of professionals, as with regard to the work processes and financial guarantees. In the first year after opening, the center has been organized more firmly and secured a more stable position for the future. This fall, the new strategic multi-year plan will be established for the years 2020 to 2024. All in all, Diana Monissen considers the time has come for a follow-up that will continue with the development of the center and the realization of the mission.

Diana Monissen has made an indispensable contribution to the realization of the center and its development since its opening in all areas. Her broad knowledge of care and experience with the many policy issues have been crucial for the Princess Máxima Center. Her boundless commitment to the Center and its mission was a source of inspiration for many. The supervisory board respects Diana Monissen's choice but also regrets it. The board is very grateful for everything she has done for the Princess Máxima Center. The supervisory board will now focus on succession. At the beginning of 2020, Diana Monissen will step down as CEO. The exact date on which everyone can say goodbye to her will be determined in consultation with the Supervisory Board.