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Prinses Máxima Centrum

Princess Máxima Center launches campaign during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Right now, 1 in 4 children with cancer in the Netherlands pass away. And the heavy treatment often has great impact on the child's life. This must be improved. Therefore, during September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology hopes to raise awareness for this disease.

Golden ribbon

The golden ribbon is the international symbol of childhood cancer. In the Netherlands, all children with cancer are treated at the Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht. During this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Máxima center asks the Netherlands to draw a ribbon with chalk in front of their doors, on school playgrounds, or at sports clubs. To help them raise awareness for childhood cancer.

About the campaign

The impact of childhood cancer is significant, affecting the lives of the child and the family around them. For this campaign, the Princess Máxima Center has enlisted the help of sidewalk chalk artist Loreen Hospodar from Amsterdam Signpainters to depict this impact. This visual representation highlights why the treatment for childhood cancer needs to be even better.

  • Jahraino (7) passed away from an incurable brain tumor. Mother Jo-an, father Jeffry, and brother Janovah share their story of loss.
  • Liv (8) has a kidney tumor (Wilms tumor) and lost her beautiful mane of hair due to chemotherapy.
  • Maurits (16) had a tumor in his knee, resulting in the loss of a portion of his leg.

The stories of Jahraino, Liv, and Maurits underscore the necessity for improved childhood cancer treatments. The mission of the Princess Máxima Center is to cure all children with cancer, with optimal quality of life. To achieve this goal, the support of donors is essential.

The campaign was created in collaboration with the digital brand and experience company Code d’Azur and media partner OCEAN outdoor.